Wood construction is common for many single-family houses throughout the world. In areas where timber and wood materials are easily accessible, wood construction is often considered to be the cheapest and best approach for small housing structures.

Six main types of wood construction are listed in the encyclopedia. These types use all forms of timber available from logs to sawn/shaped timbers to smaller branches and leaves. These types also utilize various types of wall coverings from plant-based coverings to timber materials to earthen materials, such as mud or stone. The first type of wood construction is thatch construction, which is generally a traditional construction type. For examples of this type, see the traditional construction section of the encyclopedia.

Other types include post-and-beam frame construction, walls with bamboo/reed mesh and post (waffle and daub), wooden frames with or without infill, and stud-wall frames with plywood/gypsum board sheathing. Two final types are wood panel construction and log construction.

Further Introductory Reading: “ Timber Construction
(Chris Arnold, Building Systems Development)


  • Wood Frame Construction
  • Use and Cost
  • Structural System
  • Seismic Performance and Deficiencies
  • Typical Seismic-Strengthening Techniques
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