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Seismic Vulnerability Guidelines

1. General Information

Indicate how often this construction type in the given terrain?

2. Features

Plan Dimensions

Typical Wall Densities (total wall area (excluding openings)/plan area (for each floor)): Use the area of all walls in one direction divided by the area of the plan, and then do it for the walls going in the other direction (also divided by the area of the plan). Give a number for each direction if they are different.

3. Building Materials and Construction Process

Description of Building Materials

Notes: 1. Tension/compression/shear strength (e.g. concrete compression strength, steel yield strength, masonry compressive/shear strength; 2. Explain mix of different materials used in the construction e.g. masonry mortar mix (1:6 cement/sand mortar or 1:3 lime/sand mortar); concrete mix 1:2:4 (cement:sand:aggregate) ; dimensions of masonry units e.g. brick size 228mm(9 in.)x 114mm(4.5 in.)x 76mm(3in.)

Design process

Construction process

Building Codes and Standards

Building Permits and Development Control Rules

Building Maintenance and Condition

Construction Economics

4. Socio-Economic Issues

Typical number of inhabitants

*Below are the general guidelines related to the economic status of the inhabitants:

Very Poor = lowest 10% of the population (per GDP)

Poor = lowest 30% of the population

Middle Class = from the lowest 30% up to the top 20% of the population

Rich = top 20% of the population


5. Earthquake

Structural and Architectural Features for Seismic Resistance (Note that this table should be filled out based on educated judgment-- no design checks or calculations need to be performed.)

Building Irregularities

Seismic Features


Frame (columns, beams)

Roof and floors



Seismic Vulnerability Rating

High vulnerabilty

Medium vulnerability

Low vulnerability

6. Retrofit

Description of seismic strengthening provisions

Seismic Strengthening Adopted

Construction and Performance of Seismic Strengthening

7. References
7. Confirm
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